Dorico keeps crashing


I need to have an orchestra score finished rather soon, but Dorico keeps crashing.
I am now trying a fresh file (from an official template) but when customising it(adding percussion etc in Setup) Dorico crashes every half hour or even more…and there’s not a single note added, so I am getting a bit frustrated here.

Any suggestions?

I have
Mac Pro (2013 model) 64Gb

  1. Post the score here for others to try, which will help determine whether it’s the file, or your machine that’s the problem.
  2. Post a crash log so the team can take a look.

That’s right. It’s best if choose from the main menu Help > Create Diagnostic Report.
That creates a zip file on your desktop also containing the latest crashdumps. Please attach here.

Ah thanks, will do so in the morning (if I don’t forget).
It only happened while adding instruments in setup mode. Once I ploughed through them crashes with lots of saves I could start copying notes from another project. It crashed a few times while copying but once that was done I could work without any problems.
I’ll keep you informed.

Sorry for the delay, had a score to finish :slight_smile:
I recreated the problem:

  • I made a new project from the template menu (modern orchestra)
  • added some extra percussion to a player in Setup mode and after a couple of instruments, Dorico becomes unresponsive and I see the coloured wheel spinning

The diagnostics report is attached, thanks!

Dorico (1.03 MB)

Some of the logs from your recent runs of the application seem to be missing, weirdly. Could you please take a spindump when Dorico becomes unresponsive? Open Activity Monitor, select the Dorico process, and from the cog in the menu, choose Sample Process, then save the resulting text file, zip it up and attach it here.

Hey Daniel,

here’s the spindump and sample.

spindump and (320 KB)

Adding players and instruments to a project will be slow, so you might consider switching to e.g. one of the part layouts, then closing and reopening the project, so that only the part layout is created, and then do your operations in Setup mode. This reduces the amount of time it takes to recalculate after every change, because it only does the visible layout.

We will look into the spindump files as soon as we can and come back to you.

Ah, thanks, that is convenient to know.
I am in no hurry now so take your time :slight_smile:

Hey there,
with Dorico 3 I still have the same problem. It hangs after I add a couple of players in setup mode. I can still manage to plough through it all with saving after each change I make, so I just have to redo the last edit but it is somewhat cumbersome. It only happens in setup mode, for the rest I experienced no problems (and very happy with the new features!)

Have you tried following the steps I provided when you posted about this in July?

Sorry, I forgot about that…I did it all in the full score layout. Will do next time I need to change anything in Setup mode.