Dorico keeps not responding

I added 2 instances of Opus for winds and brass. Then I added 1 instance of Play for Violin II. Exported the audio, saved and closed. Every time I try to open, Dorico stops responding and I have to force quit. At one point I received a pop up message that there was something up with the e-licensor but I am not sure why I am getting that. All my libraries are paid for. Any ideas?


Now none of my dorico files are opening. Things that don’t even use the opus or play instances. Any ideas on how to get Dorico working again?

You are on Win or Mac? Have a look for a process called VSTAudioEngine. If it is around kill that one too and try again starting Dorico.

EastWest Opus and Play 6 don’t work well for me directly in Dorico.

My solution is to either roll back to Play 5, or run the VST2 versions of Opus or Play6 inside Bidule instances.

I’ve run the 5.0.1 version through some tests with good results (word-builder for choirs and such worked too). I think the major difference between the two is that the 5.0.6 one includes a VST3 variant as well (which I have not had a chance to test yet). Might need to be white-listed in Dorico’s plugin settings.

Here are some links to Play 5.
Play 5.0.1 Link is:
Play 5.0.6 Link is:

Play 5.0.1 Link is:
Play 5.0.6 Link is:

To use, unintall Play 6 first. Play 5 and Play 6 keep their user files in different locations, and they don’t get wiped when using the installers to roll back and forth. So, swapping around is easy enough. Unintall the current one with your OS installer manager, run the installer for the one you want to use.

You can leave Opus alone. No need to uninstall it or anything. I’ve not had much luck using it (VST3 nor VST2) directly in Dorico. Word builder doesn’t work at all, and other issues pop up (sticky notes for one, they never stop playing)…ESPECIALLY when trying to export to audio…