Dorico Key Editor Tuplet Grid, Note Names and Key Number

Hello Dorico team,
I would like to suggest another Cubase inspired Key Editor improvements:

  1. The Tuplet Grid.
  • Currently we are able to create and edit tuplets only by editing the score sheet, but not by the Key Editor, which is a problem if you have material recorded in Real-Time, that has wrong tuplets and you would like to correct them. Sometimes removing the tuplet symbol in the Score could lead to even worse results. That’s why the Key Editor should be equally powerful to the Scoring in editing note length and tuplet groupings.
    (The exact section can be seen on the screenshots below, enclosed in red and green)
  1. The Key Editor MIDI Note Names.
  • In Cubase we are having 3 naming conventions:
    German, English and Solfege
  • Would be really nice if you replace the left arrow with the related note name, according to the preferred convention.
    ( Enclosed in blue in the screenshots bellow)
  1. Key Number.
  • This is another helpful information that gives more clearance about instrument ranges and current position on the keyboard, no - matter if C4, or C3 are chosen to define the Middle C.
    For example: If C3 is Middle C then Key 48 will be equal to C2, but in case C4 is defined as Middle C, then Key 48 will represent C3… but always will remain Key Number 48.
    (Again enclosed in blue, next to the Key Names)

Cubase Pro 12:

Dorico Pro 4.3:

I hope you would think about improving this part of the Key Editor, too! :slight_smile:

Best regards,
Thurisaz :slight_smile:

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