Dorico laptop install question

I am leaving to go abroad for 2 months and need to make sure I can still work. I have a Folding Piano 49 and a MacBook Pro. I have installed NotePerformer 3, but I’m having trouble installing the updated Dorico. When I try to open Dorico, I get “To Activate Dorico, switch to the Dorico Activation Manager and follow the prompts. If Steinberg Activation Manager is not running, click relaunch.” When I click relaunch, I get nothing. When I open the Activation Manager, I get the screen that tells me Dorico 4 is activated, however, I can’t open the program. Ultimately what I want to do is set up Dorico 4 (updated) on my laptop to use with my travel keyboard and have my NotePerformer sounds. Can anyone help me? BTW, I’m pretty sure it’s user error…

Hi. Make sure you’re running the last SAM — launch Steinberg Download Assistant and let it do its thing. Then launch SAM, it should let you launch Dorico faster now.

(SAM = Steinberg Activation Manager. See Steinberg Activation Manager | Steinberg)

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Mark, thanks for your help! I am trying to update the Download Assistant and just get the spinning wheel saying “Updating Steinberg Activation Manager,” but nothing has happened for quite some time now…

You can always download the latest version from the Steinberg website.

Hi David. In my experience I’ve found that rebooting the computer after downloading/installing and before running the software does help. (more so on Windows, but on Macs too).

You can download Steinberg Download Assistant from here:

You can also download Steinberg Activation Manager directly from here:

Thank you all for your help! I was able to manually install all of the components and did an emulation to accomodate NotePerformer and it worked! Now I have no excuse not to work while I’m in Italy for two months (except for the wine, cheese, etc.)