Dorico License Question...

I plan to buy a dorico elements license.
But I need to work with it on 2 machines. One is the macpro in my studio, and I need a second one, a laptop for working on the scores at the piano.
Is it possible to install dorico on 2 machines and use the same license key in handshake?
Thanks, Joerg

At the moment, you can only use a single Dorico license on multiple computers if you move your license onto a USB-eLicenser. This will change in the future when we introduce a new licensing system that retires the existing eLicenser technology, but I’m afraid it’s not coming particularly soon.

Daniel, thanks for your infos.
The only thing I need is an USB license.
Isn’t it so, that the elicenser soft manage usb and hd licenses simultanious?
And can it handle 2 USB and HD too?
Then I only need one more USB license stick and install the dorico license only on it?
Cheers, Jörg

You only need one USB elicenser. You move the soft eLicense onto the USB eLicenser. At that point the soft license is “irretrievably” gone and you must move the USB eLicenser to the machine you wish to use for Dorico and keep the USB plugged in until you close Dorico and wish to move the USB eLicenser to another computer.

You cannot (currently) run Dorico simultaneously on two machines unless you have purchased two separate licenses.

You may have gathered this from what Daniel said, but from your response I was not sure and wanted to make sure you make your purchase with a clear understanding.

Thanks again. That is totally correct. I can go with one Dongle. The 2 dongle idea is needless :slight_smile:
Everything is clear for me.

Can I run Dorico on the same machine, but from another OS? At first it does not work („serial # already in use“ or so).
Macos 10.14

No, I’m afraid not. If you run two different operating systems, that means two different Soft-eLicensers, and that means two “computers”. In that case you would need to move your license onto a USB-eLicenser. However, if you can wait, I would advise that you do so, because when the eLicenser system is retired, it should be possible for you to use the same license on two operating systems on the same computer if you wish.