Dorico light version included in Cubase

It should be amazing to have some features of Dorico partition editor in Cubase instead of the actual editor :wink:

+1 but will never happen

Vendimion is correct. To begin with, Dorico uses an entirely different paradigm for how it interprets notes- begins with the graphic representation, and creates the midi, Cubase of course does the reverse.

I would be much more interested in Steinberg putting in time (sooner than later!) to make it so we can open the Cubase score within Dorico-in a similar way that we can open up a clip to edit within Wavelab now and have edits be cross-platform.

Me too, and seems more viable a hope. I imagine it’s a long-term kind of thing though- it will require development in both programs.

Both Cubase and Dorico supports export and import of MusicXML, so at least to some extent it should be possible to transfer data from Cubase score to Dorico already. I don’t know how well it works and to what extent you currently could transfer the score between Cubase and Dorico (and back) correctly in practice and the limitations about it. Maybe someone else does?

Here’s an overview chart of the Cubase support/restrictions about MusicXML export/import (don’t know about current Dorico restrictions):

When this data exchange works flawless (if possible), they could implement such a one-button-cross-platform-exhange to simplify the process. But I guess there will always be some kind of limitations to this. So it should be more suitable for one-time transfers from one program to the other (usually from Cubase to Dorico), than back-and-forth transfers.

My opinion… now you can purchase a “Light” Dorico version (Dorico Elements 2). So please do that and let Steinberg concentrate on Cubase without adding more stuff and more cost.

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Yes, I own Dorico. MusicXML works fine, but that’s not what I’m taking about. I’m talking about being able to open the score within Dorico on an active Cubase project-like how you can open an audio clip from Cubase within Wavelab and do editing and it will dynamically be edited in Cubase. It would be nice if I could open the Score in Dorico and quickly see and correct any issues that I can see within the score and have them dynamically corrected within Cubase.