Dorico loads Halion instead of Halion Sonic SE (or Halion Sonic)

New Halion Sonic 7 replaces Halion Sonic SE 3. In Cubase everything works as expected - all previously saved projects that use Halion Sonic SE 3 loads with Halion Sonic 7 and all presets sounds (I hope) the same.

Now I run Dorico and it loads Halion 6 (the sampler, I still not upgraded to 7), not Halion Sonic 7 nor Halion Sonic SE 3 which still is in system. Why Dorico made such changes?

Secondly, if I load Halion Sonic (7), I have empty instance. But when loading any Playback Template, it loads Halion 6 again.

Hi Arthur,
at this moment we don’t know why this is happening, but I’ve raised it as an issue in our bug database and we will investigate on it.

Thank you.
For now I restored from backup all .vstsound files (some was updates for HS7) and reinstalled Halion 6.4 with Sonic 3. Now everything works as before, flawlessly. Dorico is loading HSSE 3.4.

If I had a bit more time, I’d like to be a Dorico beta tester to give a few cents for a better future :slight_smile:

Dorico 4.3 introduced a new option on the Play page of Preferences to specify which version of HALion Dorico will load when using a HALion-based playback template. By default, it will load the “best available” version of HALion, which will be the full HALion plug-in, if you have it, rather than HSSE or the new HALion Sonic 7.


Sorry, I didn’t know that. Somehow I miss this option. It’s the game changer :slight_smile:

Thank you very much!