Dorico Lyric collision in write mode (gallery view)

Hi, I’m just learning Dorico and I’m very used to Sibelius.

I’m writing lyrics in gallery view and my lyrics are in collission with lower notes below the staff. Is there a way to move the lyrics down?

Welcome to the forum @frans.rinsma

Galley (not gallery) view does not respect vertical spacing rules for lyrics. I don’t think there is a way to change this.

You might find it easier to enter your lyrics in Page view, and possibly even in the voice part layout rather than the full score.

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Yes absolutely, welcome to the forum @frans.rinsma !

In galley view, Dorico doesn’t do any collision avoidance, vertical or horizontal.

If you haven’t yet done any formatting of the page layout, you could temporarily increase the minimum gaps between lyrics and the staff (in Engraving Options > Lyrics > Vertical Position), so there’s a larger gap for while you’re working in galley view? You can then change the value again when you come to formatting the music for real.