Dorico menu shows Settings item multiple times on Mac OS Ventura

Dorico 4.3 menu shows Settings multiple times. Over time Settings keeps getting added over and over and is never activated for selection.

This happens on the Ventura 13.1 beta.

Report it to Apple.

Yes, this doesn’t happen in the current public release of macOS Ventura, but unless Apple fix it, it will start to happen when macOS 13.1 is released.

Apple have decided to retire the word “preferences” system-wide to replace it with “settings”. Apps that are built on frameworks like Qt (including Dorico, and many others) may well have some interesting quirks when the operating system dynamically renames menu items.

I’ve noticed that the number of “Settings…” items grows with every dialog that is opened (e.g. Options panels, mixer, etc).

However, you can still get to the Preferences with the keyboard shortcut Command , .

Fontlab, another Qt application, just shows one “Settings…” menu, but it too is greyed-out, and the shortcut for Preferences doesn’t work, so you can’t access it at all.

I daresay that different applications built on different versions of Qt might have different behaviours in this regard.

For what it’s worth, I can find no discussion of this in the Qt bug report database, but the people at Qt may well decide that they don’t want to do any investigation into behaviour on beta versions of Ventura anyway.

If you have the inclination to try it, Ben, I’d be interested to know how Qt Creator behaves in this regard – that might be something that the Qt company would then be interested in investigating. You can download Qt Creator 9.0.0 from this page:

Well, that was a bit of a scary install…! However, Creator gives the best of both worlds:

Screenshot 9

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Thanks. I’ll report this to the people at Qt and see if I can spur them into taking any interest in the problem (I don’t fancy my chances, but you never know).

MuseScore 4 similarly shows just one Settings and one Preference item:


Installed the RC version of Mac OS Ventura 13.1 today and this is no longer is a problem. Appears Apple fixed something on their side.

Does the Settings menu item appear any longer, or does it appear that Apple have reversed course on this change for the time being, and now only the familiar Preferences item remains?

Yes, it’s just Preferences for now. They’ve rolled back the change.

Settings no longer appears. Just the Preferences menu item as expected.