Dorico mess with ties and slurs

Hello I know, Doric tries to do things right.
But why can I not reproduce this way of combining ties and slurs?

Doritos result will turn out like this (ugly and not nice for the players either):

this even looks worse:

And I have not found a workaround yet to get the desired result…
even worse....png


You have to set the desired way to handle slurs in Engraving Options > Slurs > Tied Notes. You’ll want to Start from the last note in tie chain and End on first note in tie chain.

You can also set the handling on a case-by-case basis in the Properties panel when you have the slur selected.

Also, I know you’re most likely writing from somewhere with predictive text, but I chortled:

Thanks for pointing that out!

Ironic, to say the least!

smacznego :wink:
I am glad, there is a solution now, thank you!