Dorico Metronome Markings

Hello, I’ve discovered an annoying feature in Dorico: when importing a tempo track only some metronomes are properly written (quarter equal value style). The others appear in a blue rectangle and have to adjust singularly everyone of them down in the properties panel (by selecting “Metronome mark shown”). Moreover! If I do this to, say, a metronome 80.06, Dorico turns it into 80.6!! Anyone?


I don’t know how Dorico makes its decisions about which tempo marks to show when importing MIDI files, but I for one am thankful it does not try to be explicit about every one. There can be hundreds, especially if the score has gradual tempo changes.

The blue rectangles are just signposts showing where the midi tempo changes occur. If they annoy you, just uncheck the option (View>Signposts>Tempo).

When you explicitly show a signpost, Dorico will of course show it exactly as it found it in the midi file (you would probably complain if it did not!). To speed up changing things, you can select multiple signposts and change the properties all at once.

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If you have Dorico Pro, you can change the number of decimal places it will show in each metronome mark: Hiding/Showing decimal places for metronome marks

To make changes to lots of separate tempo marks at once, you could use a large selection method (e.g. the system track) and then filter for tempo marks.