Dorico MIDI Input lag problems

Hey! Theres incredible lag on the midi input (note by note, this is not recording). generally notes take anythwere from 1-3 or even 10 sec to show up on the staff after midi input, sometimes the notes are not registered at all, or get bunched up into clusters if theres consecutive input… I have no problems on any other daws or software and my system is well capable of running all kinds of audio and midi stuff. How can I fix this?

I’m on windows 10 running the latest version of dorico (I think 4.2?)

This is massively frustrating!

Just in case it’s this new option, try this:

Without a Diagnostic Report generated by Dorico and/or a sample Dorico project file that demonstrates the project, there is little one can do to help diagnose your problem.

(Other than Leo, perhaps. :grinning:)

Dorico (745.1 KB)
Does that help?

Have you disabled the WinRT MIDI option and restarted Dorico, @henri?

yep! had to do that to get the midi input working at all in the first place!

In the bottom right-hand corner of the Dorico project window is a little MIDI indicator light, which should light up green only when you play notes on your MIDI keyboard. Does that show green continuously?

If so, it might be worth checking what data your MIDI keyboard is sending continuously. You can do that following this procedure:

Also, if you’re using any software or virtual MIDI devices, make sure that any MIDI port you expect to be used as an output is not enabled as an input on the Play page of Preferences; this can create a MIDI feedback loop that would also potentially cause a serious performance problem.

I am having the same issue and it started when I began using Garritan JABB 3 as a plug in. I am using a MAC and can not find midi port configuration on the Play page of Preferences. Dorico

Issue solved…(I really did search for a few hours before my first post). About 35 seconds after my post I found in Preferences/VST Plug-ins that my ARIA Player (which plays the Garritan library) is VST 2 and was blocked. I moved it over to the Allowed VST Plug-ins side and lag is gone. Make sure you apply changes! Interestingly enough, playback worked flawlessly while it was in the Blocked Plug-ins list.

You should check to see if the Garritan VTS3 plug-in was already in your VST3 folder. That may explain why JABB3 worked flawlessly (albeit with a lag) before you authorized the VST2 plug-in.

My quibble with the VST3 Aria player is that it so far does not allow output to multiple channels.

Thanks, I’ll take a look at that. I’m running it on the aria multi VST.

That is the one I prefer. The VTS3 version does not (at last report) provide the multi capability I find so important.