Dorico midi mapping help

Hello all,

New to Dorico but somewhat familiar with midi, mapping procedures and whatnot from Ableton.

Using Akai MPK261. It shows up in Dorico, able to map however I’m unable to edit the mapping already in place. i.e. it is automatically mapped as (for example) c#4 triggers 1/8th note duration selection but does not sound.
I can get the 8th note trigger in another location if needed as I have many knobs and pads to work with however it seems I cannot get the keyboard to play by itself for use in composition.

I’ve looked for upload able midi patches (such as ableton offers) to premap my device but have had no luck as of yet.

Basically, I’d just like the device to play as an instrument, and can map features as I need them on the consul.

Hope that’s clear, anything helps!


Welcome to the forum, @travis_lutz. I’m not familiar with the Akai MPK261 specifically, but from a quick look at the manufacturer’s web site it appears to be a controller keyboard, i.e. it does not itself have any sounds. So perhaps what you mean when you say that you cannot get the keyboard to play by itself is that you cannot hear MIDI thru, i.e. you don’t hear the note echoed back when you play a note or chord on the keyboard as you would expect?

In Dorico itself you can use the Key Commands page of Preferences to define MIDI shortcuts for commands, so you could decide what function you want each of the pads to perform, and then program them in Preferences. Dorico is somewhat limited in terms of what you can program from your keyboard at present, but you should nevertheless be able to set up some useful shortcuts from your pads.