Dorico mixer does not mute Noteperformer track with default Noteperformer playback template

Something similar to Dorico Mixer Misbehaving in Dorico 4 on Playback - #10 by Shubus
I mute one instrument in the mixer and that instrument keeps playing. The master stereo output mute button works as expected.
My playback template is Noteperformer’s default one. Does this mean I have to install the other Noteperformer template? (this one: Playback Template: Individual Mixer channels for NotePerformer - #12 by David_Tee) ?

It’s a bit confusing, but NP just sends one stereo signal to Dorico’s mixer. You need to open the NP editor window and mix/mute or solo instruments from there.

TY Ulf!

How one opens the NP mixer in Dorico: “Click the e button [in the track header on any NP track] in Play mode”
I circled it. This took a while to find despite searching the net and reading the documentation.

One opens the NP mixer the same way one opens any other active VST.
Now you know.

Hi @indigo3301 ,
sure, I could have told you about how to open an editor window.
The problem is, I can never be sure how savvy people actually are.
If I give too much detail, they feel like treated as a child. If I give too few they are overwhelmed. So I can never be sure on what level users are…