Dorico mixes up the layout by itself after closing file

Hallo everybody!

At the moment I have to work on pedagogical figured bass exercises and have to tinker a lot to represent alternative fingerings. After having pushed manually everything in engrave mode, it looks okay. But if I close the file and open it again later, Dorico changes almost the whole layout: it moves symbols and inserts system breaks Is there an explanation for this? I have attached to pictures: bevor and after reopening the file.

Thank you!

I think we’d have to inspect the project file to see what’s going on. I’ve never heard of Dorico adding System Breaks by itself.

If you have Dorico Pro, try adding a system break to the very beginning (at the start of the first system), then select it and activate “Wait for next system break” in the Properties panel.

Here is my file. (I know, I’m doing it very complicated with severals page layouts, that I do not observe myself…)
figuredbassexercices.rar (914 KB)

I did what Lillie suggested—I think that’s probably the issue. File here:

Also, I see what you’re doing with page layout, and it’s pretty accurate. But it would be a lot easier to simply add those instructions as a text object at the downbeat of each flow. Yes, you’d have to adjust spacing, but then you wouldn’t get any overrides, which can come back to bite you later. And you don’t need to create new master pages… simply keep the flows going, and add staff spacing and frame breaks as needed. I guess the only downside is that you have to manually add line breaks, and you can’t use justification.

In the file I linked, I partially re-did just the first two pages. I think it’s a better solution, and you don’t risk losing material if pages reset.

Many thanks for your help!

First I tried it too and added these instructions as text objects. But then they got mixed up with other text objects. In my opinion, it is not always obvious in what order Dorico places text objects attached to the same bar position vertically. On the other hand, it doesn’t explain why files don’t look like this after closing them …

Thank you also for rewriting the first two pages. I will continue to do the same, I guess.