Dorico native on Apple silicon but Installer on Rosetta - really!

I would just like to ask, possibly clarify, Dorico runs natively on the new Apple silicon but the download installer does not? So in order to get Dorico downloaded and working; I have to install yet another program onto my computer? (On top of the 2 or 3 I am about to download just to run Dorico?)

Do I need the download installer to run Dorico? (I am not interested in running anything under Rosetta it still messes up the awesome power of the MI Mac). But am willing to suck it up to get some sort of notation software on my machine. However once it is on, I am clearing house. I just want 1 program, not a whole host running part natively, part not. ( I find it baffling that Steinberg have such a convoluted download process for their programs.)

Any help with this would be appreciated. And apologies for the rant. I am slightly frustrated here, as I just want to get in and notate!

I don’t know if these installers also need Rosetta, but you could try to download Dorico from here and by that bypassing the Steinberg Download Assistant.

Once you installed Dorico, even if you needed to install Rosetta in the process, which by the way is a background program designed by apple specifically for the m1, not Steinberg, Dorico will run natively on M1 only, provided you don’t use a third party VST which doesn’t run natively on M1. (Another design choice made by apple, who designed the M1 in the first place)
Why am I so pedantic about it?

  1. once Dorico is installed, you get the full and a undisturbed power of your M1, no matter what else is installed but not running
  2. Rosetta 2 is anything but like Rosetta 1. since apple is designing the chips they are transitioning TO, they were able to make an incredibly powerful and effective translation process. They know the ins and outs of the new architecture and thus how to best translate into that.

I own both an intel and an M1Pro, and even with Dorico running on Rosetta the difference is beyond stellar.
Same goes for colleagues reporting on an m1 MacBook Air.


No it doesn’t. It doesn’t make your Mac slower; it doesn’t affect the performance of native apps. Rosetta just allows you to run Intel code. Those apps running in emulation mode will be slightly slower than native versions, but if there aren’t any native versions of those apps anyway, you’ve lost nothing.

Only the Steinberg Library Manager is Intel, and that’s what gets called in the Dorico installation process.

Fantastic. Thank you very much for the link! The Activation manager is native. The library manager requires rosetta. Appreciate the help, Ulf! :metal:t3:Currently waiting for the full program to download.

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Thank you very much for kind reply. I have to say I hit send and then thought about it way after: sugar honey ice tea; I am going to get it in the comments!

I will get Rosetta2 up and in use. Thanks again. :slight_smile:

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So I have managed to get Dorico onto the Mac no problem. However It will not launch past the main screen due to the Impulse response file: bright Viennese Hall. wav, being missing. I have had a quick flick online. And can’t seem to see a solution to this.
And for reference I actually went back and used the Steinberg download assistant to check all the files and got three green ticks.

Any ideas or help with this, please?

This is currently what I have in the VST SOUND folder

The missing impulse responses must be an access right issue then, because the last 3 items on your screen shot are the REVerence impulse response contents files. So they are installed, but somehow the program can’t access them. So please check the file permissions and that you as a standard user have at least read access.
One more thing to note, even with the impulse responses missing, Dorico shall still work. The other screenshot shows a crash dump of Dorico which must be unrelated to the impulse response files.
Please start Dorico without loading a project and then do from the menu Help > Create Diagnostics Report and post the corresponding zip file here. It contains all recent crash and log files that will help us identifying problems on your system. Thanks

Sure. No problem. Thank you again for all the help! Much appreciated.
Dorico (380.7 KB)

Thanks for the data @RhaynG . We’ve entered a long weekend so we will check on Tuesday and come back to you.
How about the REVerence issue, could you get it to work properly now?