Dorico NFR, how does it work?

Hello folks,
Anyone here able to answer questions regarding NFRs?
How does the NFR license work with Dorico?

I work at a company that’s a Steinberg autorized dealer. A coworker of mine is writing a course on Dorico. He received his NFR eLicenser, and activated the provided license code on eLCC. From there, everything looks fine to me. However, when he runs Dorico, he gets the pop up that says: “Thank you for trying dorico: Buy/enter activation code/Continue Trial”

What are we missing here?

Thank you!

Did you also click ‘Start Usage Period’ in eLicenser Control Center to start the usage period of your NFR license?

Hello Daniel, thank you for the quick response

Yes we did.

I suggest you email me at d dot spreadbury at steinberg dot de and include a screenshot of eLCC running with the red NFR dongle plugged in so I can see what might be going wrong.

Thank you Daniel, I will.

Just hit “continue trial”

In the Elicenser app you can see how much time is available on that activation.

Yes Steve, you´re right. I was expecting a window similar to Cubase’s. But this one works the same. It just shows different information.

Thank you!