Dorico no longer automatically sets spacing between staves

I’m working on a project where I’ve manually added individual instruments. Whereas Dorico, in my other projects, usually automatically adjusts spacing between staves, it doesn’t do so in this project. In page mode and in engrave mode everything just looks really cluttered, and I’ve tried fixing it in engrave mode but I have very limited experience with engrave mode and just can’t get the results I want. I don’t want anything specific; just a regular orchestral score that’s not too cluttered. The staves would probably have to be a lot smaller, but I haven’t found out how to fix that. Any ideas what’s going on?

In galley mode it actually looks more or less fine:

I’d upload the Dorico project, but it’s too large (>4MB).

It’s simply a case of the staff size now being too large, based on the number of staves in the project. Reduce the staff size to something that will accommodate this ensemble better (i.e. something smaller).

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