Dorico not importing midi "meta text"

I’m trying to work with Cubase and trying to get expression map based articulation changes over into the score. On the plus side, Cubase exports expression maps changes in midi with “meta text” (attached is an example). However I can’t seem to import that meta text in Dorico. Am I doing something wrong?

Thank you to anyone who has any helpful suggestions

So far as I know Dorico does not import text from MIDI files, I’m afraid, but I’ll make a note to talk to Paul about this for future implementation.

I would deeply appreciate it, as the lack of that one feature makes importing expression map data from Cubase a lot more difficult.

I noticed 3.5 still does not import Midi Meta Text and Meta Lyrics (hopefully as regular text). This would be SUPER helpful, as Meta Text (and Meta Lyrics) is where Expression Map info is stored when importing a Midi File from Cubase. This means an orchestrator can actually see the articulation when cleaning it up in Dorico.

Sorry, although we do try to respond to requests in a timely fashion, we do typically need more than two weeks to implement something.

So much for the sign:

“Miracles on demand.”
(The impossible takes a little longer.)

(Keep the miracles coming.)

I’m so sorry Daniel, you’re right. I of course had no idea this update was coming. I just was afraid, and hoping it wasn’t forgotten about. Again, terrific work, and thank you for taking the time to listen to all these silly, specific requests we have.

Heh, I was only joking! We’ll try to get to this as soon as we can, but Paul’s plate was already completely full for this version.

Hey, just a follow up with 3.5.10. I tried to import a Midi file and saw that the “meta text” and “meta lyric” information still doesn’t import. Am I correct in assuming this feature hasn’t made it to Dorico yet?

Yes, you are correct. You’ll know when it’s done because it will be documented in the Version History PDF.