Dorico not playing percussion sounds

HI everyone. I am new at Dorico, and I record sounds into percussion tracks and some of them don’t play back, like there’s not enough voices, or something. (longer sounds, like cymbals and rainstick) Only with percussion, everything else sounds fine. Any ideas? Thanks!

Have you tried resetting the Playback Template?

I did, Daniel, thanks for that. It didn’t work, unfortunately.

Are these all HALion sounds–or NotePerformer sounds?
Knowing what sound set you are using would be helpful, as would knowing what computer Operating System and version of Dorico you are using.

Could you post a Diagnostic Report or even the first few measures as a Dorico file?
All this information could help speed an answer to your question.

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Dorico includes instrument definitions for more than 600 instruments, but not every single instrument that Dorico knows about has a sound in the provided sound library, unfortunately. In particular with percussion you will find some instruments for which no suitable sound is available, I’m afraid.

HI Daniel and Derrek
Newest Dorico, 4.3, Mac Pro 10.15.7
I’ll have to learn how to submit a diagnostic report, but for this, the instruments DO play when I trigger them individually, they seem to get choked off when in an ensemble. Exactly like the old days when you reached the end of polyphony in a keyboard. That clear enough? All HALion sounds that came with Dorico.

That’s curious. Would you be able to attach a cut-down version of your project sufficient to reproduce the problem?

Well, Derrek (or is it Daniel?), I’ve figured out part of this. I play a sound into the track (set up sketch percussion, for example) and play a rainstick, which sounds like a rainstick. Dorico plays back a snare drum. So I guess I need to learn more about how Dorico handles percussion. I’m typing in instruments and it’s playing back others. That’s why the ride cymbal comes back as a hi hat in the drum kit. Thought it was cut off. Sorry for giving you the wrong feedback on this. The mixer channels are not at all in the order of the tracks… but that gives you individual control of aspects of the mix, which is nice. Thanks for your attention! Bill

Hi Bill. What happens when you reapply a playback template? It should set the appropriate percussion map at the right place automatically… And the proper sounds should play (providing there’s that instrument in the VSTi you’re using…)

Right, I wonder whether the issue is that there’s a disconnect between the percussion map and the instruments you’ve got assigned in the kit. Are you using the default HALion Sonic SE sounds, or are you using another set of sounds? Is the option in Preferences for MIDI input on percussion set to use the percussion map, or to behave as if you’re inputting notes via staff position? Have you actually added a rainstick instrument to the drum set?

I’m using default HALion Sonic SE sounds.
“option in Preferences for MIDI input on percussion set to use the percussion map, or to behave as if you’re inputting notes via staff position?” trying to find that. No luck so far.
Was trying to use “sketch” which has a rain stick in there. When I trigger it from the keyboard I get it, but it plays back as a snare.

Marc, using HSSE and HSO. Just started learning this last week. Sound works when I play it on the keyboard, but when it plays back, it’s another sound ( a snare). Using the “sketch” set of sounds. Has the rainstick in there.

Scroll down in Preferences if you need to.

I’m set up like what you sent me. Is it possible to use the “sketch” kit for my percussion stuff? It’s got all I need for the moment. And what of the above settings (in the screen shot you sent) needs to change, and how?
thanks, bill

You said you could not find the appropriate Preference setting. The image shows you where, and it is configured to use staff spaces (in treble clef) to input notes as you have assigned the appropriate sound to various lines and spaces on your percussion staff (as assigned in the Kit definition).

If you want specific help, post a sample Dorico file so we can see (and start) where you are.

I have used a rainstick sound with no problem, albeit on a single line staff; but if one can call up an instrument on a single-line staff, one can then import it into a Kit in the Kit Editor.

HI Derrek

Is there a pre made percussion kit like the set drum kit?
Would be really easy to use, then.

Well, I deleted the “rainstick” in the bottom single line staff, before it triggered snare, then I deleted and tried “rainstick” again, and got two congas (BTW, I elected 5 congas in that part, as you can see, and only two play, #2 and #5,

I tried again and added “castanets”, and now, when I play from the keyboard, all the percussion sounds trigger.

On playback, only the castanet plays.

“Rainstick” seems to always yield NOW, the two congas. As does “belltree”.

“Castanet” yields castanet.

thanks for any help!


I can access a Rainstick and a Bell Tree sound via NotePerformer.

Sure, but I was hoping to fix this within Dorico, since it’s got a good rainstick in there and just learn the program, rather than importing other sounds into it without knowing how to handle the stuff in Dorico, itself, especially because you guys are experts in that area. Are my difficulties just part of the deal, and not really fixable? I’ll try to assemble a percussion kit in the meantime, and see how I do.
I’d just like to call up sounds, load them in and play them, like I did in Finale and Sibelius. I appreciate that this software is so much more powerful.

Where do you find a rainstick in HALion percussion: in which file at which MIDI number?

“Sketch” c5, #84 sounds rainstick when played on recording. Shaker on playback.
I simply need 3 or 4 percussion guys on one part. I’ll keep trying to build one, with or without rainstick.