Dorico not preserving the no. of systems for page when printing (!)

Not sure if this is a bug. Here’s what I have in my score when viewed from Engrave Mode:

And here’s the exact same thing (just page 2) when viewed prior to printing in Print Mode:

As you can see, for some reason prior to printing it’s not “honoring” the systems/page I meticulously set up in Engrave Mode. What gives? (is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?)

Thanks for any thoughts!

  • D.D.

That’s not the same Layout. The clue is the changed stem directions, the lack of cue sized notes in bar 18 etc.

Just realized that! Thanks.

  • D.D.

:unamused: I’ve been caught by that several times. When viewing a particular score [part], just because you go to the PRINT menu (particularly with CTRL+P) doesn’t mean you’ll arrive viewing the same score/part! :unamused: