Dorico not selecting all chord symbols

Hi. I am trying to select everything from some measures of a voice to cut and paste onto another voice. Hi selected the first and last notes, lyrics and chords I want, then pressed Ctrl+Shift+A. It has selected everything on these measures, except the chord symbols. How should I proceed?
PS: This is a XML file I imported into Dorico, so the score is still very messy.

Because Dorico treats chord symbols like system-attached objects (you can enter chord symbols once, but have them appear above multiple staves), they’re not selected when you select stuff on staves.

You need to make a system selection to include chord symbols. One way to do this is using the system track (the floating grey bars above the top of the system).

So, I am trying to use the chords as Dorico works. However, when hiding empty staves, the one just with chords remain. How do I hide those staves keeping the chords on the staves there is music written?

You said this was a MusicXML import: have you tried selecting the clefs at the beginning? If they turn orange, delete them and see if that helps.

Otherwise, you can send me the project and I can take a look – there’s only so much that can be gleaned from pictures alone.

They were orange and I deleted them, but this did not solve the issue. Here’s the file:
Panis Angelicus - simplificado teste.dorico (1022.1 KB)

If you want the instrument to be hidden when empty, go to Setup mode, right-click on the player holding the instrument you want to be hidden, and choose Chord Symbols > Hide for All Instruments. If you then want chord symbols to appear in the places where that staff has music and would otherwise appear, use chord symbol visibility regions for those places.

That works to some extent. However, I may want that in a specific system the chords appear over that staff, so I cannot use “Chord Symbols > Hide for All Instruments”. Here’s an example (notice that I did this just for giving an example). Here, the chord symbols should be above the the Flute staff in the first system, above the Vox I staff on the second system (Flute should be hidden), and above the Tutti staff on the third system (Flute should be hidden):

That’s what Chord Regions are for (as Daniel mentioned at the end of his post).

And how do you use it? I clicked on “Show in Chord Symbol and Slash Region” for one of the voices, but did not solve the issue. So I tried clicking on another voice, and the chords disappeared.

Hi Lillie, is this now possible with the Select More update?