Dorico - Noteperformer (Bass Clarinet in A)


I’m transcribing Rachmaninov’s Symphony No.2 and need to set the bass clarinet in A (not Bb) to use Note Performer.

I can’t see any way at present to create a new instrument other than those defined within Dorico, is it possible?

Kind regards.

I’m afraid it’s not, no. For the time being you may need to create another instrument in A, like a horn, but it will be difficult to fool NotePerformer into choosing a different sound. I believe a future version of NotePerformer will allow you to change the sound used for a given channel directly in its mixer interface, but that’s not possible in the version available now. We also intend to make it possible to define your own instrument types in future.

XML hacks ahead :wink:
Bass Clarinet in (291 KB)

Hi Craig,

Thanks for your input.

I’ll be honest, I’m not sure how I’m meant to use the example Dorico file and attached xml file. If I enter notes on Bass Clarinet in Bb and copy past into the Bass Clarinet in A they both produce the same note. I sense either I’m misunderstanding how to use the files you attached or Noteperformer is disregarding the xml changes?

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That’s because you’re in Concert Pitch View. Switch to Transposed View.