Dorico + Noteperformer + freshly added CSS no sound

This may be user error especially given who the user is

Downloading the Cinematic Studio libraries has been quite the experience. The string sections library is downloaded but don’t ask me how. The others are in a kind of limbo which I won’t go into here, think Kafka or one of those other writers of humans caught in sinister circumstances

Dorico playback was working fine until I downloaded the CSS and loaded it up in Noteperformer

Now there’s no sound at all

Boy do I love my 100+ year old piano

Not sure what happened there but I did major reconstructive surgery on the piece and managed to get sound again

everything I tried failed so I rebuilt the whole thing from scratch meaning replaced staves and copied parts over etc

some of it might be that the score was an xml file from 25 years back that survived but with a lot of strange alterations, though it would play back w noteperformer before I downloaded CSS

The upside is that parts originally written for Chinese ensemble I can rework for woodwinds which I’ve never done