"Dorico now plays back simple measured one-note tremolos inside tuplets correctly."

Am I reading this wrong?

It doesn’t seem to be working.

Still getting the same behavior as earlier versions, namely:


Sorry, the Version History should probably be more specific. It doesn’t mean tremolos written on a single note occupying the whole of a tuplet, but rather tremolos written on individual notes in a tuplet, e.g. three triplet 8ths, each with one or two tremolo strokes on them.


Neither interpretation looks right. If you use the 8th-note slash on a dotted half note, you should get six eighths; if you put the triplet indication underneath (which I doubt Dorico supports), you should get three sets of three triplet eighths.

AFAIK there is no similar slash-like abbreviation for triplet quarters from a half (or dotted half).

Err, yeah, brainfart, but in any case certainly still playing in duple meter, and not triplet.

I also stumbled over Dorico not handling this as expected. In may case a dotted quater note triplet with tremolo slash does not play back as eighth triplet as it should (according to several famous composers).