Dorico occationally stuck after my Harddisk upgrade and Dorico update

My Dorico pro 4 has some crashes after my hardware upgrade and update to the newest Dorico. I upgraded the Harddisk (i am using windows 11), everything work perfect except i have to re-activicate both cubase and dorico.

Then today i found it crash almost everytime i close the project, the Steinberg Hub do not appear and if i try open dorico again, it normally stuck at loading the audio enginee. Sometimes it pass but with no sound and it crash if i open a new file and try to save.

Also, the midi keyboard get no response

The only way to make it work again is to reboot.

I believe its the hardware upgrade or the software update, because it work normal before.

Anyway i created a Diagnostic Report but it too big to upload, and i cannot post a like here…


Welcome to the forum, @Johnson_Ho. I expect you are experiencing a problem related to the new MediaBay component used by the new HALion Sonic 7 plug-in, which I imagine you have installed. Please try the procedure in this thread: