Dorico OCR and Handwriting recognition features?

Hallo everybody,
1 - is the last version of Dorico able to recognize handwriting notes (via scanning or using iPad)?
2 - has the last version of Dorico an OCR tool?
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No, and No.

Okay, thank you!
I saw that Notation 6 costs 3 times less but it has both features…

Apples and oranges.

If I’m not mistaken, apps like Notion and Staff Pad can recognise “handwritten input”. In other words, you can use a pen on a touch surface as a slow method :grin: of entering notes.

They cannot read handwritten notation.

There are of course plenty of apps that specialize in reading printed scores and producing XML that can be imported into notation apps like Dorico, where you can then spend time checking and correcting it.

Okay, now it is clearer, thank you!

Notate Me is an app from the same company that makes Photoscore Ultimate. It’s supposed to read handwritten music. I don’t think it really works, but if you want to try, be my guest…


Notate Me is horrible and useless.

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P.S.: Photoscore Ultimate is pretty awesome and has saved me countless hours re-inputting music…