Dorico on 2 machines (not simultaenous)

I have both a studio desktop and laptop. I use the laptop when I go on the road and when I go to class. I never use them both at the same time.

Will I be able to purchase one license (crossgrade from Sibelius 7) and switch between the two with a single hardware key or do I need two licenses and two hardware keys.

I would also assume, y’all have considered the possibility of people like us losing or forgetting to take hardware keys with us when we go on the road. Will there be a way to buy a backup key usable only with the same license or do you have some other way for scenarios that I get on the plane realize my key is still in my desktop USB port? Or is there some other scenario (assume you allow me to switch between desktop and laptop with one license).

BTW - as you know, Sibelius allows me to install on two machines but run only at one time and does not require a license or key and so I don’t have the above issue. Last time I had this issue was with Gigastudio 4 and I had multiple hardware keys.


I guess you have already read this thread, which explains how the licensing for Dorico will work.

If you want to run your single license of Dorico on two computers, you can move your license onto a USB-eLicenser and then use that USB key on each of your machines. Just one license and one USB-eLicenser is all you need.

Soon (though I’m not sure exactly when) you will be able to use the USB-eLicenser as a temporary holding spot for your license in order to move it from one computer to another using eLicenser Control Center, but obviously this still requires the use of the USB-eLicenser and some forward planning on your part.

You should register your Dorico license and your Soft-eLicenser number (which you can find in eLCC) in your MySteinberg account: that way if you run into any problems with activation, you can use the automated re-activation service via MySteinberg to get back up and running without having to wait for our support team’s office hours.

Yes I did read your discussion. So to summarize, I would buy one crossgrade and install it on both desktop and laptop and use the USB e-lisencer to start and run the program on either.

I still have the question about backup. Can I purchase a second e-lisencer to minimize the situation of being on the road and forgetting it on my desktop? (though I recognize that can be misused as a way for some not to purchase a second lisence).

I have been around PCs since before 7/1981 IBM announcement (I go back to the early 70s on computers) and in addition my job when I was at Exxon was to evaluate hardware and software technologies so I have seen many ways that vendors have used to protect their property. With that said, I have never been a fan of hardware ‘dongles’ (as we used to call them in the ‘serial’ days). And they occupy a port, can get lost, forgotten and broken (don’t ask me how many Gigastudio 4 USB keys I went through :slight_smile: ).

In the last few years I believe the best compromise between vendor and user are the approaches by Apple and Avid which tie the software to specific hardware. And to move the license to different hardware you de-install from one machine and reinstall the license on another (and you are familar with that I am sure coming from Avid). Another useful approach is done by Pegasys ( I use their software in my videography business and the software every few times revalidates itself on a server (that is a bit problematic when I don’t have internet access on a plane but I can start it before I board the plane).

Perhaps you can consider alternative approaches to having us install on a desktop and mobile machine without having to use a hardware solution.


You certainly can buy a second USB-eLicenser and use it as a backup. Steinberg has a zero downtime service that would allow you to get a temporary license onto your second eLicenser in the event of a problem with your primary eLicenser, so that you can keep working while you resolve the issue with our support team. Details here:

As we wrote in our statement about how Dorico licensing works today, we are always evaluating improvements in our licensing technology that balance our business needs and the convenience of our customers, and I’m sure things will change for the better in the future.

Great news! I want to let you know I will be buying this product blind based on my interaction with you and your reputation when you were at Sibelius/Avid.

Thanks, Joel. I hope you will find Dorico useful from day one, and more and more useful in the months and years to come.

I’m confused…
I bought the program and ran it on my computer, but then that computer died.
How can I download the program to run it on my second computer?

You should follow the reactivation steps: hit the big red Reactivate button at the top of your [url=]MySteinberg[/b] page and you should be able to get back up and running right away.

Another way to cope with the problem is to use a transparent USB over Ethernet or printserver. There you can put your USB-dongle and adress it from all your PC/Mac. Only one at one time but you can change from one machine to another anytime without pulling the USB-dongle. Only change the transparent USB over Ethernet connection to another machine and you are ready to go. (Internet may be to slow to use this solution, but inhouse it should work)

When I tried this, no Steinberg software would run at all… how did you accomplish it?

It was a long time ago when it worked for me with an old Lindy printserver or with a fritzbox7390 with cubase6 using windows xp or windows7.

Today with windows10 I don’t know if there are drivers to use with that kind of stuff. Lindy just offers drivers for xp or win7 for my device.

I remember, that sometimes I had to establish the connection twice to get respond fast enough. Connection must be available in both directions to get the answer from the USB-dongle.

Thanks for the update, I may have another look at it one day. I would be surprised, though, if Steinberg hasn’t blocked any solution of this kind…

Fritzbox does not support isochron transfer. So it will fail.

A device that supports isochron transfer and virtualisation is a Silex MD-510. I do not own this. So I can not prove if it will do the job, but some people in steinberg-forum use that device as they tell us.