Dorico on more than one computer

I hope this isn’t a duplicate question, but a search didn’t reveal an exact answer.
At the moment I am running Sibelius on 3 computers, because I originally bought three licenses for Sibelius 1.
However much later on in the cycle Sibelius decided that it would allow an installation on a second computer for each license purchased.
When I buy Dorico, will I be able to load it on my second computer (a tablet) which is a Microsoft Surface Pro without having to purchase a second licence? I would use this for when I’m travelling, but as it only has one USB port which I use for a mouse as I hate the touch-pad. It would be very inconvenient to have to carry not only a dongle, but also a USB expansion port around with me.
On my main computer I already have to use an e licenser for my VSL VSTs (as well as an i-Lok for my East-West VSTs). But when I travel I rely on the native built-in sounds in Sibelius to be able to play back what I write. This means I don’t have to carry around extra paraphernalia all of which adds to my flight weight allowances. A compulsory dongle would be very inconvenient.

Please see this thread for details:

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Thanks Daniel

It doesn’t really answer my question. In my case I would prefer to have the ability to use Dorico on my tablet without any dongles etc. I am quite happy to extend the functionality of the e-licenser on my existing main computer.
As I would never use the program simultaneously on both computer, (being unable as yet to be in two places at once :>) I guess I will have to forego the installation on the tablet. I don’t go away much because of current ill-health, so it won’t be a great loss to me personally, but I can see this may be a problem for others who may travel while working.
I don’t have one, but all the people I know who have iPads don’t seem to have a USB port at all. Maybe that’s changed since I last looked at one.

The short answer is that as things stand, you will not be able to run Dorico on more than one computer without either using the USB eLicenser or purchasing a second license.

People have asked whether it is possible that a second license will be possible to purchase at a reduced rate, but I’m afraid as far as I know the answer to that question will be no, as it opens up the same kinds of abuses (unscrupulous people reselling activation codes for Dorico) as e.g. offering two activation codes to begin with.

As my e-licenser already has 18 entries. It would be far too risky to carry it around with me, as if it were lost it would cause enormous problems, unless it is possible to have more than one of these beasts active simultaneously.
As I said before, for me it’s not a problem, but I can see that it might be for others who are more mobile than I am.

You can certainly attach more than one USB-eLicenser to your computer simultaneously, if you have enough spare USB ports.

Thanks again Daniel
I just counted. I have 21 spare USB ports, so I should be OK for the second e-licenser :laughing: