Dorico on second computer

I’ve upgraded from Dorico 2 to 3.5 Pro on my desktop and have finally reached a point where I am familiar enough to work with it by default over Sibelius!
I just bought a new MacBook (M1) and want to be able to use it on that also.
I read about the USB e-licenser, and am not a fan of dongles (one of the reasons I abandoned Avid!), and with shipping it costs some $90 anyhow.
My question then is can I install a fresh 3.5 Pro version on my MacBook and access the Competitive Crossgrade Education price again? Is that the best and cheapest hassle-free way to work across two machines? Thanks

Best, perhaps, but not cheapest. You’ll need a second cross-grade product, so an additional licence for Sibelius or Finale from the one you already used.

You’ll also have to buy a separate upgrade for each installation when you upgrade from 3 to 4, and 4 to 5, etc.

It’s what I do, and falls into the “Pay the man and damn his impudence” category.

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Though it’s a little bit naughty, there’s another way. Log into MySteinberg on the new machine and use the Reactivate function to license Dorico on the new machine. Your existing (older) machine won’t be deactivated.

The caveat, apart from the fact it breaks the EULA, is that your existing machine will no longer be eligible for updates or upgrades. On the plus side, the 3.5 release cycle seems to be done, and I’m certainly crossing my fingers (though not assuming) that the new dongle-free licensing system will come into being sooner rather than later.

If I were in your shoes right now, this is the route I’d be taking, at least as a stopgap.

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