Dorico & OneDrive

Hi all!

I’m using One Drive to store my Dorico files. After Windows 10 Fall Creators Update it is not possible to open Dorico files. I tried to change status of the files. Even if files are available offline, I cannot open them from Dorico or by double click. Only way to open files is to copy files to my local drive and then everything works perfect. Every other program on my computer works like before, I can open any pdf, docx and other file types from One Drive. Please help…

This problem will be fixed in the next update, in the meantime, please take a look at the workarounds Daniel suggested here.


Unless you really, really need to save space, I would be very cautious about using the on-demand features in Dropbox and OneDrive. We’ve seen a number of programs get tripped up by the delay in instancing the file that the on-demand feature creates.

For those with a technical interest, the problem in Dorico wasn’t to do with the on-demand nature of OneDrive, but rather an innocuous function that checks that a file really exists before trying to open it. Unfortunately, in this case the OneDrive file isn’t truly a file, it’s a special kind of softlink, so the function says ‘no, this file doesn’t exist’. Ironically Dorico would have been able to open the file anyway if it carried on because the filesystem would have transparently loaded it.