Dorico overall: setup bugs... & incomplete features?

Hello friends,

1. Are we getting the ability to add custom instruments, or at least an “empty staff” any time soon?
I’m jury-rigging “Synthesizer” and various other instruments by editing the instrument name. It’s certainly not the best thing to do, but it’s the only way I can add and name instruments to the score that are unknown to Dorico’s presets. However, in renaming these I have not once checked “Set as Default for instrument” yet when I load a new synthesizer (or any other that I’ve jury-rigged previously). It is remembering the last rename I typed for that instrument despite not checking this box.

2. I believe that is a bug, no?

3. Is the plan to let us add custom instruments with Expression Maps and corresponding midi channels, the same way Halion loads ‘out of the box’?

I realize Steinberg is keen on making Dorico ‘out of box’ friendly. But obviously it wouldn’t be worth doing that at the expense of those who use third-party libraries. Without #3, I’ll have to use one large template to start every project with. I just added my core instruments, not even with expression maps, and my file size is already 10MB and prone to crashing Dorico when I click something too quickly in the SETUP tab.

4. It sounds like these types of things are the plan for the future. But how far into the future? Weeks, months, years?
I appreciate Steinberg’s interest in getting a minimum viable product out the door. Although if that comes at the cost of making a tool that plays nice with the tools composers are already using, “minimum viable” takes on a new meaning. That isn’t a criticism at all. I respect you guys for having to make some tough calls. But for my own user goals these questions and the feature list I previously submitted about the PLAY tab are the most pragmatic questions I have to look for answers on. I’m a composer and not an engraver, so I realize my needs are for one type of user. I’m guessing we’re not a small crowd though. At very least, I feel confident I’ve covered 99% of everything I’ve noted about where my most significant user requests are. Then I’ll quit harassing you guys… for the most part. :wink:

Best of luck in what I am sure are feverishly busy months for you guys. And thanks for all your hard work!

Sean Jackson