Dorico Page Templates not applying to Page


I’m having trouble applying a page template to the first page of my part. My score templates work fine, but I cannot apply the “First” part template to my parts, it seems like it is stuck on “Default”. I tried applying a page change to the first page, which works, but then it just adds another page of the “Default” first page. The last time I used these functions were a few months ago and I swore I only just clicked on the page and then the template to change it. Has this function changed recently?

image is me clicking “First” template for the first page but nothing happens.

The functionality hasn’t changed recently.
Please double click on the first page template to open it in the page template editor, then upload a screenshot of what appears.

Sure, here it is. I clicked on page 1 and then double clicked the “First” page template.

At the top left corner of the music frame, try setting the Frame Chain Selector (currently MN) to MA. Apply, close then have another go at making the Page Template Change.

That worked! What does that do exactly? I put it on both sides but I’m guessing I only need the left side generally.

By default that selector is set to MA for both the First page template and the Default page template, but it is (or was?) possible to trip up if you import a Page Template or Page Template Set into a project.

Music Frame Chains tell Dorico where to put your music, basically. Typically you’d want to fill up page 1, then when page 1 is full you’d like Dorico to automatically create a page 2 and fill that, etc.
In some circumstances it’s necessary to be able to do cleverer stuff, so you have the option of using L* frames - which are standalone so don’t relate to a Chain at all - or multiple M* chains - meaning multiple music frame chains that operate independently. For instance, if you need to display a piano duet layout with the Secondo player on the left pages and the Primo player on the right pages, you could tell Dorico to use MA frames on one side and MB (or MN; Dorico comes up with the second letter automatically) frames on the other side, and you could use the filters at the top to tell MA to only show the Secondo player and MB to only show the Primo player.

I’m not explaining terribly well; long story short there’s functionality that you’ve stumbled into that you don’t really need, and that’s why when you added a page template change manually Dorico started repeating your music, because two different frame chains were in use and both referred to all your music.

Whatever frame chain is set on the Default page template, is the “default” frame chain.

If the frame chain set on the First page template is different to that on the Default page, Dorico can’t automatically use your First page template.

To have Dorico use both the First and Default page templates according to your Layout Options = both page templates need to use the same frame chain.

If in doubt, stick with MA :slight_smile: