Dorico, PC and BBC SO Core

I bought a new PC ander after i installed all the programs, i ran my project, but the BBC SO Core won\t load. I have no idea what to do next.

Is BBC SO itself correctly installed, activated and up-to-date?

I found out that somehow the BBC So VST was in blocked list in Dorico settings…Now it is fine!

But still…now the plugin works but there is no sound coming out.
All the playback settings are the same as in for example in Ableton (which plays sound) but dorico does not. If i switch to another playback template (haliaon), it plays like normal.

Perhaps there is a setting in the saved state of the BBC SO plug-ins in your existing projects that causes them to send audio to an output that isn’t available on your new computer?

If you start a new project, then instantiate a new instance of BBC SO in that project, do you hear sound as expected?

Also check your CC’s. Often the BBC will be quiet because the the expression or volume is too low. I’ll click on a track, push the faders to the middle and that will wake them up.

Also, a really annoying problem is sometimes VST’s just fall asleep. Haven’t figured that one out, I sometimes have to restart, or what always works is to change plugins and go back to the original.

I suspect this is a red herring BBC SO is a vst3 plug-in so it is irrelevant if the vst2 version - which is what the blocked list refers to – is blacklisted.

I expect you’ve got sound by, now as in most cases just reapplying the playback configuration or closing/reopening the project as already suggested fixes this. In Dorico, it takes quite a while before the instrument data loads as well.