Dorico performance increase with eGPU?

I’m running Dorico on 16” macbook pro (with highest specs of 2020) attached to LG ultrafine 5k -monitor.

Between the 5k monitor and the laptops own 16” screen I notice that large scores seem to respond a bit more sluggish on the 5k -monitor (when zooming and moving around the score).

I was wondering if an external GPU (Blackmagic eGPU Pro) would help Dorico to handle the 5k monitor more fluently? Or does it make any difference at all?

No, Dorico doesn’t take advantage of hardware acceleration for graphics; everything is drawn using a software renderer. This may change in future versions of the software, but even so it is unlikely that you would require anything more substantial than the built-in graphics adaptor in any modern Mac (or PC, for that matter) to take advantage of graphics acceleration in Dorico.

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Thank you for the information!

Another thing I have been wondering is if anyone has had the change to run dorico on the new Pro Display 6k -monitor?

That seems like a good option for very large scores, but the trade-off could potentially be that it would be even heavier to render for the computer than the 5k -monitor.