Dorico performance is still slow and poor

Congrats on all the great things Dorico is doing and its still my favorite notation program!

I’m still getting terrible performance issues however, simple things like simply moving a note takes forever.

What’s more disappointing is that I upgraded to a new computer and stronger hardware with the purpose of making Dorico more usable and it still isn’t up to par. Its certainly a little faster than it was bc of the upgrade but only on small projects.

My project only has one layout, no condensing. 15 Flows, standard orchestra setup with a few extra staves. However, none of these matter because when I do operations on an empty flow, its fast. Not instantaneous like I think it should be but very fast with a small delay.

The massive slowdown happens more and more I fill up the flow with notes. It doesn’t matter if the staff is empty or not. In the example above, that flow is only 126 bars. Another flow is 45 bars long and the extra delay from fresh is noticeable but the difference in lag between 45 and 126 is about 2 seconds. It performs this way even on the Silent Template.

Why is Dorico still performing so terribly? Is there anything Dorico plans on doing to improve how they process information? I can’t help but feel like Dorico is not very efficient in how it does what it does

My Specs:
AMD Ryzen 5 5600x 6-core
GTX 1060
2 4K Monitors

Can you provide a sample score, so that we can confirm whether or not other users get the same result?

Okay, hopefully it’s replicated in others

Condensing is ON!

I don’t have any lag in Galley View, entering new notes or moving notes around. There’s a slight, fraction of a second lag moving notes in Page View with Condensing on.

Hopefully, if it’s not inherent in Dorico, then you can fix it!

I would supply a Diagnostic Report here, so that someone from Steinberg can look at everything that’s going on on your system.

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No issues here (macbook pro i5 32G RAM).

Is it, how so? I’m not seeing that on the working score layout though which is the one that I showed the lag with

It’s on in other layouts but those are not open so I thought they wouldn’t be processed at all.

Okay I supplied a report
Dorico (2.8 MB)

So changing notes is instantaneous for you? Or only a slight delay?

Instantaneous …
Also, condensing is on as @benwiggy stated (Layout Options → Players → Condensing)

You are working in Galley Mode, which does not show condensing. If you open the Edit menu you will see condensing is ticked.

Your score edits fine here (Windows 10, Intel i5-7500)

Are we looking at different things? I’m not seeing what you both are seeing. I just deleted the custom condensing groupings just in a case and still slow

Can you show me what you are seeing? Because I don’t see that either. The picture I posted was in Page view not galley. This is Galley and condensing isn’t checked for this layout

I can confirm now with Dorico 5.1 that I am still having extreme slowness, as discussed in an older post: Processing slowness - #6 by jjm_335

I do hope this will improve in a future update. It’s really really difficult to work with.

FWIW, I can scroll around, add notes, and start/stop playback all instantaneously on my M1 iPad Pro. I wonder if there is something peculiar about your hardware that is hampering Dorico. If an iPad can be fluid, your machine certainly should be. With a base clock of 3.7ghz, I’m surprised you’d experience any sluggishness. Are all your drivers up to date? Firmware? I wonder if there is some hardware acceleration with your graphics card that is causing something funny, for instance.

On my Mac, I see that condensing is on. Under the Edit menu, there is a check mark next to ‘condensing’.


Very hard to diagnose in a forum of course, but graphics card? You upgraded, but that GTX 1060 is a very old card by now (in computer terms - 2016 release). Remote possibility of some issue with current Windows. To troubleshoot, can you temporarily switch over to the onboard graphics instead? Do have have the latest available Nvidia drivers for it?

The only reason I bring this up is that over on the Cubase forum I see scattered reports of users having performance issues with old graphics cards, not that this is really related to Dorico, but you know what I mean.

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As per experience of @benwiggy I see some small lag in page view, but nothing unworkable.

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glad I’m not the only one. Interesting thread, I went and grabbed the console log, maybe that can help pinpoint what the issue is?

@Romanos yeah, for me scrolling around is fast. Playback start/stop has a small delay of almost one second, not slow but not instant. I’m pretty sure all my drivers are up to date. I only built the computer over the summer. I just checked and I do have Hardware Acc on, you think I should turn it off?

@Robby_Poole that’s interesting, what layout is that though? Perhaps you don’t have all my layouts and things are a little different because I instead exported my flow that was having issues bc I didn’t want to share the entire project and music.

@Andro oh this gfx card is that bad? I guess it is pretty old, was hoping I didn’t have to upgrade it. Is it on par with out of the box laptops these days or far below it? I do find it interesting that the laptop I bought 2 years ago performs better with dorico than my desktop.

I wouldn’t think it could be a GPU issue because I have no slow down with panning around and I would think only what’s shown on the screen would be processed. I even navigated to a section with no notes and tried adding a note there and it still took forever

Laptop Specs
11th Gen Intel i5-11320H @3.2Ghz
Intel Iris(R) Xe Graphics

Here’s a funny thing. I downloaded the new NP4.4 update and was playing around with the new Iconica and others to hear things. Tweaking my score a little and then noticed…hey moving notes is as fast as an empty score. What?!

Very strange. I also reapplied condensing and unapplied it too (did this before at the beginning of the thread to no affect). So have no idea what happened but it randomly started performing good. I’m curious if this will last or revert back to slow the next time I start it or later.

Still interested in any thoughts from my last post if there are any clues on what the issue is/was