Dorico Play issues with Noteperformer

I installed Dorico on my third PC. I use it with Noteperformer. Unfortunately, my songs are not played, although the playback runs smoothly. However, the demo files are played back without any problems.What could be the problem. Is it possibly due to the license or have I installed something wrong? I am sending my Dorico Diagnostics directly.
Thank you
Dorico (597,2 KB)

Hi @paul42 , thanks for the data.
According to the logs and other files, NotePerformer is not detected by Dorico’s audio engine. Are you sure that you have it installed? If so, where is it to be found on your harddrive and also what version of NotePerformer do you have? Maybe you ask Wallander Instruments for a later version to check with?

Thank you for your answer.
To make sure it’s installed properly, I reinstalled it. It`s installed in C:\Program Files (x86)\NotePerformer
Now, however, Dorico starts with the error message that Dorico cannot connect to the Audio Engine.
My NotePerformer Version is NotePerformer64 Version On my other PC this version works very well with Dorico.

Dorico (619,8 KB)

Hi Paul,
NP 3.3 is quite old, is that the most recent version that you can get without further payment?

I don’t know. So the update setup at NotePerformer doesn’t seem to recognize my email address. I would then also have to ask the support there how I can update Noteperformer for free.

According to the logs, in the last 2 runs the audio engine did recognize NP, but it looks like it makes the audio engine freezing in, but it’s not crashing. What if you wait just a little bit longer?
You should also contact Wallander support, they should know which versions of NP and Dorico are compatible and also know which version are paid updates and so on.

Okay, yes I will ask them. I already waited a week, so I think the support of Noteperformer will be the best way.
Thank you!

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Once one buys NP, all upgrades to the basic program are free. Only the addition of NPPE modules cost additional.


Hey, now that I have the new version of NotePerformer, Dorico works.
Thank You!!!