Dorico Playback issue

Hello !

I’ve been running into a problem this morning. I have a piece with string orchestra and piano. Two cellos. Cello 2 the playback is correct but cello 1 for some reason the articulation do not change anymore. I use Cinematic studio solo strings, I have custom playback template and I checked every obvious thing like expresion maps, does the play timeline show articulation change.

I’m using the latest dorico with on macos bigsur

Did anyone run into this problem ?

More frustrating is that it happens only in some places in the piece. A little like if the midi data was corrupted at that specific spot.

if you could post part of the project which shows the problem, I should be able to see what’s going on – I have all the current CSS libraries

maybe you are using combinations of articulations at those spots, which are not covered by the expression map (e.g. legato and accent…) :thinking:

Thanks a lot to all of your kind responses.

I found what seems to be happening happening and found a workaround for now.
In CSSS, when you want to make a double stop, you have to turn off the legato which these is a CC change atributed to that. Thing is doing that seems to be doing a weird block of further articulation change. I don’t know why but it is happening much more in the cellos it seems. I tried it both as an Add on and Base. There also seems to be a problem around Con sordino sometimes also more often in the cellos.

Seems a little strange but for now the workaround is to not re-engage the Legato after the double stop. It’s not perfect but close enough for now.

Thanks again :slight_smile:

the most reliable way I’ve found so far for double stop in solo or chords in orchestral strings is to create a specific p.t which I’ve called “multiphonic” and put it into an add-on with CC58,81. This way it shouldn’t clash with anything and does seem in my experience to be reliable. I prefer to disengage it with “homophonic” immediately after the double stop (CC58,76) which does seem reliable

Con sord should also be assigned as an add-on as this is a global setting across all patches. Here B0,127 (on) and 1 (off) seems to work best.

if there’s anything else specific, let me know (I could also post my own EM so you can compare)