Dorico Playback No Sound


Hi, from what you write, I have the impression that your installation is completely screwed.
So probably the best thing you can do is to wipe the Dorico installation and reinstall again.
Actually, when installing Dorico not only one installer runs but several. So for a reinstallation you first have to uninstall all of them. In the Windows Control Panel under ‘Apps & Features’ there is a search list box, where you can search for items by name. Type in ‘Steinberg’ and press the return key, the components installed by Dorico will get listed. Then uninstall each item.
After that run the whole Dorico installation again and launch Dorico anew. It’s best to start with a simple piano project with just and a handful of arbitrary notes. Does sound come out?
Check in the task manager that (besides the Dorico process itself) also the process VSTAudioEngine.exe is running.
Under Device Setup definitely the ‘Generic Low Latency Driver’ shall get listed after a proper installation. Is it still missing? Without it, sure you will not get any playback from Dorico.
Please try what I suggested and see if it gets any better. If not I will ask you more things to check for.


Sorry to open up an old thread, but I’m getting the same error installing on Mac osx Sierra.

I’ve tried uninstalling and re-installing but to no avail. I am still getting sound though. Is the Reverence impulse wavs located in the Halion Sounds or the Dorico installer?

The Reverence Impulse Responses are in the Dorico installer.

I still don´t understand though, what is your exact problem at the moment?

Sorry for the confusion,

I was getting the “Cannot locate Impulse Response File LA Studio.wav” error.

It turned out to be a problem with our Dorico install which we had cloned over all of our machines. On deleting this and re-installing manually on each machine the problem is now gone.