Dorico playback playing incorrectly

So I have been using Dorico for the past few days and the playback has been fine. But I have just used staccato for some notes in my composition and now whenever I play back the composition the program plays staccato on notes which I did not put staccato on. In addition, the program seems to be playing the wrong instrument. I have flutes playing whole notes at the beginning and now the program plays them as violins with staccato. How can I get the program to play correctly again?

Can you attach the project here so we can take a look and see what might be up? Zip it up and then attach it in a reply.

Whenever I try to attach the zip file in my reply, I get a message stating that the file is too large. Is there another way to send the file to you, like to an email address?

Sure, you can email it to me at d dot spreadbury at steinberg dot de. I get a lot of email, so please include a link to this thread in your email so I know what you’re sending me your score for. Thanks!

I have finally figured out what is wrong and it seems to be my fault. I have played around with the Halion VST and change the sound, thinking that it would not affect the playback. But it hit me that the change that I made was affecting the playback in my composition. So I changed back the sound in Halion to what it was previously and my composition now plays the way that it should. Is there a way that I can quickly switch to the default setup for the Halion VST if I should change it?

When in Play mode, access the Play dropdown menu and select Apply Default Playback Template.