Dorico plays only through one channel

I have a file that has just started only playing back in the left audio channel. Other dorico files are fine, and this file appears normal (no panning, using the default playback template, Halion Sonic SE seems to playing in stereo looking at the meters) but nothing comes out the R stereo channel.

It happens on headphones, internal speakers, bluetooth headphones and if I export audio, so I’m pretty sure the problem is in the dorico file (running dorico 3.5 on a macbook with Catalina). I have tried resetting all the templates but no avail.

Has anyone else had this problem? Are there any fixes? I’d quite like to hear my music!

Welcome to the forum, romanbenedict. I’m sorry you’re having this problem. I recall it has happened once or twice in the past, but I’m not sure what the cause was. Removing the saved audio engine data from your project should be sufficient to fix the problem. The steps to do that (a bit fearsome, I’m afraid, but doable) are described here.

If you find yourself unable to follow the steps, please feel free to zip up the project and attach it here, and we’ll be able to make the fix for you.

I’m having exactly the same problem: left channel only, only one specific file, happens across all devices, nothing panned off the center in Dorico’s mixer, and settings don’t seem to affect it. The problem spontaneously started about the same time I was trying to get Dorico to play through some Bluetooth headphones. (It doesn’t seem to deal all that well with with audio devices appearing and disappearing while the app is running.)

Unfortunately the “described here” link in Daniel’s post apparently points to the old forums, because it no longer works. @dspreadbury, would you mind posting an updated link to those directions?

See here: Audio sounds through only the left channel - #2 by Ulf (and I’ve edited Daniel’s post to point to this one)

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Thanks (other) Paul! Those instructions did the trick.