Dorico - Print Mode Ignores Certain Attributes in Subsequent Flows

I’m experiencing a peculiar issue in one of my Dorico projects. In every flow after the first one, Print Mode seems to be ignoring certain attributes that I’ve set in Write/Engrave Mode. These attributes include:

  • Textual dynamic markings are being converted to hairpins.
  • Laissez vibrer tie end offsets (tie lengths) are rendered without any offset.
  • Text centered over a rest using x-axis offsetting is also rendered without any offset.

When I create a new project and manually copy over the notation, the same issues persist. However, if I manually replicate these attributes in a new project, Print Mode renders them correctly.

Has anyone encountered this behavior before? Could I have inadvertently enabled a certain setting causing this issue? Alternatively, could this be a sign of file corruption?

Thank you for any assistance.

DoricoAttributeIssueExample.dorico (457.8 KB)

Welcome to the forum!

In Write mode you’re viewing the Piano layout, but when you go to Print it shows the Full score layout. Just choose the layout you want to see on the left.

The differences between layouts are because you made edits in the part with
{Set local properties → Locally} in Properties.

For solo piano music you don’t need a separate part layout anyway. I would just delete that one and make changes in the “score”.

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