Dorico Pro 2.2.10 Grace note do not playback with snare drum

Dear fellow Doricians,
There’s a question in the French speaking Dorico group on FB which I cannot answer. The OP wants to hear a certain effect (Flam) on snare drum, it is notated as shown on the picture. Any hint on how to achieve this effect playing back, or an indication whether it will be implemented ?
I tried to notate such grace notes with notes on a snare and only “real” notes would play, no grace notes. I was using NP and HSSO, same result.

There is, I’m afraid, a regression bug in Dorico 2.2.10 that prevents grace notes from playing back on unpitched percussion instruments. We’re very sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Thanks Daniel. I seldom use percussions myself, so I did not know that it used to play. I’ll pass the message!

Will we have to live with this bug until version 3?

At the moment we have no plans for a further Dorico 2.x release, so as things stand today, yes.

Bad news.

If the Team follows its pattern of last year and releases in late spring or early summer (whenever the update is deemed ready) in order to be available for schools to try out (and buy) over the summer, then we only have two or three months to wait anyway.

But only if one intends to update.

Which I am happy to do. :slight_smile:

Take my money!

Is there any way to alter the duration of the grace note in this context? I am trying to achieve a snare drum flam by using an acciaccatura tied to the main note which I believe is the correct way to notate this, but the grace note does not sound “tight” enough to the main note to be a true flam. Using a shorter vaiue for the acciaccatura doesn’t seem to make a difference. Project here:

You should be able to adjust the duration of the grace notes in the piano roll editor in Play mode.

Back to the flam…

I’ve set up a Percussion Map that includes a flam sample. I’d like to notate it as in post 1, without the accompanying text, and use the Grace/Slur/Note combination as the cue to trigger the sample. I’m struggling to find a way to do it. Possible or not possible?

Not possible. You’d need to suppress the playback of the grace note and add a (hidden) playing technique to trigger the flam sample.

Thanks Daniel.

I’ve managed to get there in a roundabout way. Using Edit Playing Techniques I’ve made a glyph of a grace note and a slur and also put together a macro of repositioning it just before the snare drum beat. I can wrap the technique and the macro together as a single command in metagrid and input them that way. It’s not perfect - the macro is bound to be wrong if I resize the stave - but it works. One sound and broadly OK.