Dorico Pro 2.2 and Dorico Elements 2.2 available now

We are delighted to announce the immediate availability of Dorico 2.2, a free update for existing Dorico Pro 2 and Dorico Elements 2 users, delivering an enormous number of new features and improvements.

Among the highlights of this release:

• Real-time MIDI recording, including Retrospective Record and Requantize features
• Click playback, including choice of beep or digital metronome click
• Improvements to MIDI transcription engine for cleaner rhythms and enharmonic spelling
• Sophisticated support for complex repeat structures, including D.C./D.S./Fine/Coda
• Comprehensive support for jazz articulations and ornaments, including automatic placement
• Automatic titling for new flows in parts, and automatic support for tacets
• Overhauled support for trills with many options for appearance and realistic playback
• Editable bracketing and bracing in Engrave mode
• Integrated editor for all of Dorico’s built-in music symbols

These are just the headlines, and there are dozens (if not hundreds) of further improvements in addition.

For lots more information about all of the new features, check out the Dorico blog release announcement.

Full details of the changes can be found in the Dorico 2.2 Version History PDF. To download the update, either run Steinberg Download Assistant, or go to the Download page.

The Dorico 2.2 release is accompanied by a number of new videos on the Dorico YouTube channel describing the new features:

What’s new in Dorico 2.2
Real-time recording
Import/export tempo track
Jazz articulations
Repeat markers
Flow headings
Music Symbols editor
Productivity improvements

Make sure you watch the last of these videos in particular, to get an idea of the scope and depth of the improvements in this release.

The trial version of Dorico 2 will also be updated to Dorico 2.2 in due course, and customers who have already had a trial of Dorico 2 will be able to try Dorico 2.2 for a further 30 days.

I would like to express my thanks to everybody who has played a part in this release, especially our amazing engineering and testing teams in London and Hamburg, who have worked tirelessly to make this such a significant update.