Dorico Pro 2.5 Dramatically Slowing Down

I am running Dorico Pro 2.5 on a new (2019) iMac 27inch screen with 32GB ram and 1TB HD and Mojave 10.14.4. Over the past few weeks the performance of Dorico has drastically degraded to the point where it’s getting to be unusable and unstable. Loading and saving seem to take an age and when I click on individual notes I randomly get the spinning top which can take several seconds to clear.

My current project is using several instances of Padshop 2, kontakt player (latest) and VSL SE 1. Any help in resolving this will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Colin D

Hi MaestroD.

There is no such thing as Dorico Pro 2.5, so I assume you mean Dorico Pro 2.2.10.
I don’t have anything much to say to help you, but try updating the e-Licenser to the last version, it seems it’s a source of many issues. And : does this behavior happen on all files, or is it just one ? If so, you might want to send it to someone from the team, so that they can determine what’s causing it.

Colin, if you’re finding Dorico is very slow, perhaps you have a MIDI feedback loop going? Make sure you don’t have any MIDI output devices chosen as MIDI input devices in the ‘MIDI Input Devices’ dialog on the Play page of Preferences.