Dorico Pro 2 on 2 machines?

Hi all,

With Dorico 1, I was able to have it on both my desktop and my laptop but it seems I’m unable to do that with Dorico Pro 2. Since I don’t have the usb licenser, I just reactivated the software on my second computer but I can’t do that with DP2 because it says my license is still for Dorico 1. Will I (theoretically) have to purchase the $99 upgrade again in order to have Dorico on both computers?

Thanks for your help

Theoretically this wasn’t possible with Dorico 1 either.
You must have been very lucky to get it up and running on two machines…

This sounds like a good case for the USB licenser. I’ve got DP2 on two machines with the licenser, and all is good. (And Steinberg’s dongle is a little cheaper than an iLok, which is nice.)

When you have purchased two licenses for Dorico 1 - that is what I understand from your writing - then yes, you have to buy the upgrade to Dorico 2 twice, for every single license separately.

Hi everybody
Don´t really understsand this dongle business.
Can I buy “dorico 2 essentials” (on a dongle?), and use it on my laptop and desktop PCs?
(Without having to buy it twice?) :question:

You buy the Steinberg USB-eLicenser (, and you keep your license on THAT, and not the individual computers. Then you just make sure the eLicenser (dongle) is plugged in to whichever computer you’re running Dorico on.

So you only buy the Dorico license once and it lives on the dongle.



I believe you may run dorico elements using soft e-licencer (or whatever it is called), so no usb licencer is required (at least this is is how it works with cubase elements). but then again, such computer switching as described above would not be possible, you would need to reactivate licence each time when working on different machine.