Dorico Pro 3.1, Dorico Elements 3.1 and Dorico SE released

We are delighted to be announce three exciting things today. Firstly, Dorico 3.1 is now available: this is a free update for existing Dorico Pro 3 and Dorico Elements 3 users, and brings many new features and improvements across the application. Secondly, we are also today introducing a completely free version of Dorico, called Dorico SE, which allows you to create projects for one or two players. And thirdly, for one week only, you can buy a new Dorico Pro or Dorico Elements license (including full retail, crossgrade, update and upgrade licenses) for 30% off for one week by using the coupon code JANSALE30 at checkout in the Steinberg Online Shop.

Dorico 3.1

Dorico 3.1 includes a great many new features across the whole application, chief among them:

Condensing changes. You can now control how Dorico condenses your music by changing the notation options or specifying manual condensing for any condensing group, at any point in the flow.
Dynamics lane. A new lane for dynamics in Play mode allows you to tweak the performance of every marking in your score, and Dorico now interprets combined dynamics and sforzandos automatically during playback.
Bracketed noteheads. It’s now easy to enclose any notehead or whole chord in either round or square brackets, with automatic collision avoidance for rhythm dots, accidentals, ties, and more.
Vertical, note-attached and horizontal lines. The new Lines panel in Write mode allows you to create vertical lines that enclose notes in a chord, or note-attached lines that span one rhythmic position to another, or horizontal lines that can enclose whole ranges of music, in dozens of different styles.
Harmonics playback. Dorico now plays the correct sounding pitch for harmonics, whichever notated convention for natural or artificial harmonics you happen to be using, and if your sample library provides dedicated sounds for harmonics, it’ll switch to them automatically too.

Dorico 3.1 also includes bug fixes and improves the performance of the application, including improved support for high-density displays on Windows. The update is recommended for all Dorico Pro 3 and Dorico Elements 3 customers. Download the update today using Steinberg Download Assistant.

You can also download the update here.

For more details on the new features, check out the Dorico blog.

Dorico SE

We are pleased to announce the availability of Dorico SE, the new member of the Dorico product family, providing all of the beautiful results and much of the power of Dorico Pro in an entry-level application. Dorico SE is ideal for beginning composers and arrangers and allows you to create professional-looking sheet music for one or two players. Best of all, Dorico SE is completely free to download and use forever.

Projects created in Dorico SE are fully compatible with Dorico Elements and Dorico Pro, and Dorico SE can open projects created in any version of Dorico. If the project contains more than two players, it will open read-only, still allowing you to play back and print.

For more information and to download, check out the new product page.

One week only: Dorico January Sale

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For more details, see here.