Dorico Pro 3.5 lagging in MIDI inputs and crashing

Cursor keeps freezing constantly for a second, MIDI inputs come seconds later, keeps crashing after either 20 seconds or a few minutes even when I’m cmd+Tabbed out of Dorico on my browser trying to find a solution. I’m on macOS High Sierra.
Dorico 3.5_2022-08-31-141727_Arttus-MacBook-Pro.crash (84.5 KB)

This is certainly very odd behavior; dorico never slowed down like that, even on my 8yr old mac laptop. Something has to be causing the glitching outside of Dorico.

Okay I’ve solved it! Nothing to do with Dorico, just a faulty dongle that caused issues with the usb mouse and my MIDI keyboard!
False alarm! :smiley:

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