Dorico pro 3.5 upgrade to dorico pro 4

I am starting to regret upgrading to DORICO 4. I bought Dorico 3.5 in November 2021 and had issues. Since upgrading I can’t get the software license fully activated…stuck in “verication pending” status. I followed all of the instructions provided by both the website and the Steinberg support team…NO SUCCESS! It should not be this difficult. Now, I can’t even use 3.5.

Sorry you are having trouble. What happened to version 3.5? Loading Dorico 4 does not displace it.

The 3.5 was loaded on my MacBook Pro and now it shows as no license. I couldn’t load Dorico 4 on it because of the older OS. I loaded Dorico Pro 4 on my windows 10 pc laptop and was trying to load it my M1 Mac Mini. It works on my pc but under upgrade grace period (verification pending) status. Multiple attempts to complete the activation of the software has not worked.

The “verification pending” flag in Steinberg Activation Manager means that your existing Dorico 3.5 license on your eLicenser has not been marked as “not upgradeable” (i.e. that it has been upgraded to version 4), and a permanent license deposited in your Steinberg Licensing account.

Can you please run eLicenser Control Center on the Mac where Dorico Pro 3.5 is installed, and send me a screenshot via a private message here on the forum? Please also let me know your Steinberg ID email address.