Dorico Pro 3.5 will not sound an A clarinet playing a low E

I’m writing for clarinet in A. Dorico will sound every note in its normal range except for written low E (concert C#), below the staff, the lowest playable note on a clarinet. There is no sound on playback of that note.

What sound source are you using? That’s probably the issue - if there isn’t a patch for that pitch, then no sound.

Did play in earlier Dorico releases?

I’m using the HALion Symphony Orchestra. Here is my guess:
The A clarinet is simply the Bb clarinet sound file pitched down one half-step. But since the range of the Bb clarinet ends at a written low E below the staff (concert D), it’s not programmed to play any lower. However, written low E for the A clarinet is actually concert Db, so it needs to sound. Frankly, the low Eb (concert Db) should sound for the Bb clarinet as there are full Boehm system Bb clarinets that go down to low Eb.

Were two different clarinets sampled for the Bb and A for the HALion Symphony Orchestra? I’m guessing not because of this problem. But they should have sampled Bb and A clarinets separately - they have different and distinct timbres.

HALion’s full of these sorts of things. Either switch to GM patches for the instruments that have gaps, or invest in a library that covers the patches you need. It’s clear that HALion won’t ever be rectified in this regard.

OK, that’s disappointing, but thanks.

Hard to really recommend Halion for…anything. Massive holes (It doesn’t even have a contrabassoon…)

Just get NotePerformer…it sounds WAY better anyway and it covers basically everything, including things like Eb Clarinet, and Contrabass Trombone.

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